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Shamrock Controls provides design and/or fabrication of junction boxes, control panels, motor controls instrument racks and other equipment.  Enclosure rating from NEMA 1 to 4X and from Non-Hazardous to Explosion Proof.

All of our engineered products are tailored to our customers' needs.


Shamrock Controls can provide a wide variety of system and/or equipment upgrades.  Upgrades provide improved performance and monitoring as well as reduced maintenance and operating costs.  No technology is too simple or complex.  From relay panels to plant-wide Distributed Control Systems.

SCI can review existing control systems equipment, field verify existing wiring and operation followed by a recommendation of the most beneficial upgrade.  Our design will fit within your time and budget constraints.  SCI will also incorporate plant specific equipment or operational requirements.  

Upgrade goals include:

  • Elimination of outdated controllers/devices which are costly to maintain.

  • Replacement of relay/timer functions with reliable PLC's or other equipment.

  • Reduce and simplify panel writing to aid in trouble-shooting and maintenance.

Control Systm Upgrade


Customers can count on Shamrock Controls to develop the entire control system.  SCI provides services for engineered equipment and systems as well as for skid mounted or package systems.

Shamrock develops the detailed design for instrumentation, wiring, junction/marshalling boxes and control panels to fit within your space and budget constraints.

Where a customer has a current set of criteria or has an Architect/Engineer with specifications, SCI will develop drawings and products consistent with these requirements.  Where no specifications exist, SCI can make recommendations based on previous experience and similar projects.


Improvements Include:

  • Increased automation simplifying operations and improving performance.

  • Addition of graphic displays of the process, either by CRT or "mimic" to improve operator interface.

  • Increased/improved alarms and interlocks.


As a full service system integrator, SCI can provide many levels of support;

  • Study and Evaluation including cost estimates.

  • Design and specification preparation.

  • Equipment supply and programming.

  • Installation support.

  • Start-up support.

Not all upgrades need to be dramatic changes from relay logic to PLC control in one giant leap.  A long term plan may also be developed to slowly phase in PLC's and other upgrades. 


The first step sometimes is the addition of a PLC and operator interface to mimic the relay logic.  Control can be shifted one operation at a time, when convenient and once operations personnel are confident that the system is reliable.

In addition to new applications, Shamrock Controls can provide a wide variety of control system and/or equipment, field verify wiring and operation to recommend the most beneficial upgrade.  Our design will fit within your budget and time constraints.  Upgrades include elimination of outdated controllers/devices that are no longer supported by vendors.  We replace hardwired relay and timer logic with flexible PLC controls.  Addition of graphical displays mimic P&IDs and make processes easier to visualize and more user friendly.

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